My writings on e-government  have appeared in The Guardian since 2002. If I've remembered to keep this up to date, the latest will be here.

You'll find previous columns here, herehere, herehere, here and here.  I have written for many other parts of the paper, including home news, business, the Society section and various websites, including Comment is Free.  

My reports on the government's IT-based initiatives have appeared in many publications. Here's an analysis of public sector IT failures published in Prospect in 2005. Click here to download this file

Continuing developments in the saga keep me busy. Here's a piece about the fallout from the November 2007 HMRC missing discs fiasco.

The NHS National Programme for IT is of special interest. In 2002 I broke the story that it was happening  - see
here  -  and have followed it ever since, for example here in the Guardian and regularly in the British Medical Journal (you'll need a subscription to read recent contributions).

My books include Cutting the Wires, published by the New Local Government Network.

I have a strong and possibly unhealthy interest in the collection and use of government data. A recent feature on the forthcoming census is here.

In other activities, I'm co founder (with Charles Arthur) of Technology Guardian's Free our Data campaign.  The feature launching the campaign, Give us back our Crown Jewels, is here.  In October 2007, I had the chance to kick around some of the arguments in a Parliamentary setting. In November 2008, I had the chance to do something similar in Athens.

I have a regular column in The Journalist magazine and am a moderator of Journobiz, a friendly forum for (mainly freelance) journalists. 

I'm also exploring the idea of creating an online register of interests for journalists. Read more about it here.