I'm an experienced professional journalist specialising in public policy, particularly where it concerns technology, healthcare and the law. My work appears in  The Guardian newspaper and in numerous specialist publications, including the British Medical Journal and the Law Society Gazette and the e-government news service UKauthority.com. I am co-creator of the 18th century cartoon scrivener Tobias Grubbe, whose observations appear every Monday at the Daily Telegraph I am based in London, UK. For more details, please go to current work or check my entry on Journalisted.

Over the years I have done pretty well every variety of journalism. I began my career reporting for a local daily newspaper in England and went on to spend five years covering the Middle East on English language newspapers and trade magazines, before specialising in science, technology and international development as a foreign correspondent and editor at New Scientist magazine. In that role, I was the first British journalist to visit and report on the famine in northern Ethiopia.

My next job was on the launch team at the Independent newspaper, where I spent two years as technology correspondent and general business, news and feature writer.

After three years as a correspondent in Japan, including a side-trip to Antarctica, I returned to the UK and specialised in government IT, writing and broadcasting on such topics as e-government and the computerisation of the NHS. In the 1990s worked regularly for The Observer, the Health Service Journal, Maxim magazine and BBC Radio Four's Costing the Earth.

Nowadays I'm particularly interested in public policy, law, energy (especially nuclear) and maritime issues.

My published work includes books on biomass energy and mobile computers, as well as lighter columns on topics ranging from gadgets to philosophy to PR. 

I have been a guest lecturer at Goldsmiths College, London, and the NoSweat school of journalism. I am available for editing, editorial training and public speaking engagements. 

I am a member of the National Union of Journalists, the Association of British Science Writers, the British Computer Society and a fellow of the RSA.

Photo: Lynn Herrick